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10 Health & Wellness Resolutions to Live By this 2024

The new year has just started. Many people wish to create positive transformations in their lifestyles. The beginning of a new year is the best time to prioritize self-care and make health and wellness resolutions for the entire year and beyond. If you neglected your health in the past years, start fresh this 2024 by forming new year resolutions that focus on your overall well-being.

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The Importance of Hygiene and Sanitation for the New Year

As you usher in 2024, it is important to start the year right with good health. The previous pandemic has taught people valuable lessons about hygiene and sanitation. While they are both health-related and vital in preventing harmful diseases, it is also helpful to understand their difference so you can observe the best hygiene and sanitation practices daily.

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Smog Protection: 8 Tips to Stay Safe from Unhealthy Air

Smog is a common air pollutant that reduces visibility. The term combines smoke and fog. Smog is dangerous to humans, animals, and plants. Smog is unpleasant because it creates a blurry atmosphere. It makes the sky appear gray or brown. Smog protection is always a must due to the increased risks of road accidents since smog makes it difficult for people to travel and drive. Smog is common in large cities with many factories and heavy traffic. Smog protection is essential to stay safe from health problems.

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