About Us

Best Lab is affiliated with La Belle Moi Inc., a duly-registered and FDA-approved company engaged in the formulation, manufacture, and delivery of quality cosmetic, personal and home care products. We are a reputable supplier of high-quality hygiene and sanitation solutions including isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, natural disinfectants, sanitizers, face wipes, humidifiers, and many more.

We are your one-stop shop for new normal essentials--from face masks to medicines and COVID antigen test kits. 🍃

BestLab offers high-quality, safe and effective hygiene and sanitation must-haves. We have retailers nationwide to bring high-quality products closer to consumers. 


As a trusted manufacturer of personal care and sanitation products, we have lived up to industry standards and have committed to the provision of safe, quality, and innovative products that our customers and business partners deserve. 


To this day, we find ways to continuously improve our products and meet the changing needs of today's consumers. Check out the range of cost-effective products that we have in our shop.

Whether you’re a consumer or want to partner with us, you can reach out to us. Contact us now so we can attend to your needs.

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