Travel Must-Haves in the New Normal

New Normal Travel Essentials

Have you heard of revenge travel”? Many people have resorted to this after 2 years of strict restrictions. As the world embraces the new normal, travel also reopened. This served as a cue for most people to make up for the lost time and travel as much as they can.

Traveling has a positive impact on people. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over, it is important to proceed with caution. Here are the new normal travel essentials that should always be a part of your travel plans.


New Normal Travel Essentials

1. Face masks

It is not yet safe to completely get rid of face masks. The government even released a statement that it is not yet inclined to lift the face mask mandate. This is a new normal fact and if you’ll be traveling, you might want to keep a stock of face masks within reach. Aside from the possibility of getting your face mask damaged, traveling will expose you to dirt, dust, and even viruses. It would be better if you’ll change your face mask to protect yourself and the people around you.

When buying face masks, consider the fit. They should feel comfortable even when they already fit tight around your face. Choose a 3-ply face mask that can keep you protected and still allow you to breathe easily through it. 

2. Pocket-size disinfectants

The threat of COVID-19 remains and you’re better off with disinfectants that you can carry wherever you go. Travel-size alcohol, pocket UV light, and hand sanitizers are just some of the new normal travel essentials that you’d need from time to time. Make sure that they’d be easy to grab to instantly keep your hands clean after touching objects or surfaces. 

TIP: Save money by buying alcohol and disinfectants in big volumes. You can transfer them to smaller containers that you can carry wherever you go.

3. Hand and face wipes

Have you ever felt the urgency to ensure that your hands and face are still clean after going out? You may feel this more when traveling to other places. Feel at ease by bringing hand and face wipes with you. They’d be very handy in cases when soap and water are not yet accessible to wash your face or hands. They also provide instant solutions if you are not sure if you’ve gotten in contact with a contaminated surface or not.

4. Personal tools

You need to be extra careful especially when traveling away from home. Infection remains a threat and you’d feel safer if you would bring personal cutlery and tumbler wherever you go. Of course, there are already restaurants that provide sanitized cutlery and glasses. However, you wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared when visiting places that don’t provide those. Bring your own utensils. You’ll never know when you’d find them essential.

5. Vitamins and Supplements

The risk of getting sick is high especially if you lack the nutrients needed by your body. You cannot get all the nutrients you need from the food you eat. At this time when there are lots of diseases that you may contract, you’ll need vitamins and supplements. Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid should be taken daily to help boost your immunity. This will help you stay protected since traveling will most likely expose you to different people and a new environment. You may also need to prepare a medicine kit for travel purposes and fill it with common medications that you or a companion may need such as paracetamol, antihistamine, loperamide, and others.



There are new things that people need to get accustomed to now that the transition to the new normal has already started. Travel restrictions have been restricted and you shouldn’t be complacent. Enjoy your vacation, unwind, and relax but don’t let your guards down. Bring the new normal travel essentials that will help boost your protection and keep you worry-free.


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