Ascorbic Acid CEVIT 500mg

Vitamins Ascorbic Acid CEVIT 500mg

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Ascorbic Acid CEVIT 500mg 

100 tablets of CEVIT ascorbic acid per box

Benefits of Choosing CEVIT Ascorbic Acid

1.Boosts Immunity

Ascorbic Acid boosts the immune system to help fight viruses, bacteria and other diseases.

2.Healthy skin and hair

Vitamin C is essential in production of collagen for healthy skin and hair.

3.FDA Approved 

FDA Registration No. HRP-104

INDICATION: Ascorbic acid is used in treatment and prevention of Vitamin C deficiency. 

PRECAUTION: Ascorbic acid should be given with care to patients with hyperoxaluria. 

ADVERSE EFFECTS: Ascorbic acid is usually well tolerated. However, large doses have been reported to cause diarrhea and other gastro-intestinal disturbances. 

FORMULATION: Each tablet contains Ascorbic Acid 500mg 

DOSAGETake one or two tablets daily. or as prescribed by the physician.

For complete information about CEVIT Ascorbic Acid, see package insert.

CEVIT Ascorbic Acid must be stored at temperatures not exceeding 30°C