Important Precautions When Using Disinfectants

Basic Precautions on the Use of Disinfectants


Your anxiety over the pandemic may already be subsiding now since most restrictions have already been lifted. Many people are now transitioning to the “new normal” and living life anew. However, as the pandemic scare is beginning to die down, it’s important to stick to the habits that have been formed during the height of the pandemic, particularly cleanliness and sanitation.

With or without the pandemic, it is essential to keep the environment clean and well sanitized to be protected from illnesses brought by bacteria and viruses. There are benefits to using disinfectants to clean surroundings and surfaces. Just keep in mind some of the most important precautions to ensure proper use and reap its benefits.

Basic Precautions on the Use of Disinfectants

1. Choose disinfectants with safer active ingredients.

There are different types of disinfectants and it would be ideal to choose one with safe active ingredients. There are natural disinfectant solutions that can be used for a wide range of applications without posing threat to your health.

BestLab’s natural disinfectant solutions and sanitizers is a fully biobased product that is based on Lactic Acid.

2. Beware of toxic chemicals.

Some chemicals may make disinfectants more powerful but there are those that may be hazardous too. Toxic chemicals such as quaternary ammonium compounds may cause contact dermatitis, asthma, and other health problems. 

3. Don’t mix disinfectants with other chemicals.

Mixing disinfectants with other chemicals could lead to dangerous reactions such as the production of toxic gases. Never experiment with disinfectants and other chemicals because of their potential to produce lethal effects.

4. Practice precaution at all times.

There are disinfectants with a strong composition that you should use with care. Remember to use protective gear such as rubber gloves and eye protection when using disinfectants with strong ingredients. It is also important to ensure that windows are open or exhaust fans are turned on to facilitate proper air circulation and dissipate toxic fumes.

5. Use disinfectants as needed.

Never overuse disinfectants. While cleanliness has its benefits, overdoing may come with downsides too. Remember that there are good and bad microorganisms, overuse of disinfectants may kill both. There are also scenarios when excessive use of disinfectants could lead to the growth of antibiotic-resistant organisms.

6. Use it properly.

Harness the effectiveness of disinfectants by making sure that they are used properly. Clean before you disinfect. Remove dirt on surfaces first by using soap and water to make the disinfection process more effective.

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There are habits that have been formed during the pandemic that you should keep even at this point when COVID-19 is no longer causing the same scare and anxiety to many. Use disinfectants properly to ensure safe and clean surroundings that will free you from health threats brought by bacteria and viruses.

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