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BestLab Natural Disinfectant Solution & Sanitizer (500mL)

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BESTLAB Natural Disinfectant Solution and Sanitizer (500ml):

Get high-quality disinfectants and sanitizers from Bestlab.

We offer high-quality natural disinfectant solutions and sanitizers based on Lactic Acid and is a fully biobased product. Our disinfectant products can be used in a wide range of disinfection applications to provide you with a solid surface disinfectant and also perishable goods.

Our Source:

We use actives that are a registered product of lactic acid. They are capable of delivering effective biocidal and cleaning action from a fully biobased product. By using our natural disinfectants and sanitizers, you are able to combine antibacterial and antivirus benefits and take advantage of good cleaning properties. Unlike strong acids, our lactic acid is low on odor and mild for hard surfaces.


Uses & Benefits of Natural Disinfectant Solution & Sanitizer (500ml):

  • Safe and Mild Ingredient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Effective against bacteria and viruses
  • Low in odor
  • Excellent material capability

Disinfecting Applications included:

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Raw Meat
  • Hospital
  • Institutional
  • Veterinary Establishment
  • Milking Parlors
  • Household