Proper Maintenance Tips for Air Humidifiers

How to Properly Maintain Air Humidifiers

With the range of viruses that continue to threaten you and your family, you’d want to get maximum protection from any possible infection. This is one of the reasons why a lot of households have added air humidifiers as one of their home essentials, particularly in the past two years. 

Air humidifiers can contribute to a healthy environment. They help circulate clean air. However, even with the benefits they bring, you also have to keep them clean and properly maintained to avoid untoward effects. If you’re unfamiliar with how air humidifiers can be kept in their best condition, this article offers a guide to help you.

How to Properly Maintain Air Humidifiers

Check the manufacturer’s instructions.

This is a step that you shouldn’t overlook. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning your air humidifier. This will keep you guided and avoid unexpected damage to your machine. It will also provide information regarding parts that may need cleaning or replacement.

Keep them clean.

This is a basic step to keeping your air humidifier well-maintained and ensuring that unwanted particles won’t contaminate the air. 

  • Unplug the air humidifier before cleaning.
  • Between each use, check the humidifier’s water basin and empty it.
  • Use soap and water to keep the water basin clean. Make sure that it is dry before replacing the water.
  • Rinse and dry out your air humidifier every day. Deep cleaning is recommended every few days.

Replace the air humidifier filter.

The filter of your air humidifier is one of the parts that need to be replaced from time to time. Take note that in replacing the filters, you have to review the instruction manual to be guided on how to do it and how often it should be replaced. To ensure that filters will be available when needed, purchase additional filters when buying an air humidifier.

Use distilled water for your air humidifier.

To ensure that your air humidifier will be free of mineral deposits and other particles that may be released into the air, use fresh distilled water. Read the label to ensure that the bottled water you’ll buy is distilled as bottled waters come in different types.

Prevent mold build-up.

Keeping a damp or moist environment around the air humidifier presents the risk of mold build-up. Make sure that the area around the machine is kept dry as much as possible. If necessary, transfer the air humidifier to a dry area that is also free from furniture that may attract moisture.

Store it properly.

If you will put away the air humidifier, make sure that it will be properly stored. Dispose of old filters and other replaceable products. Choose a dry and clean area for storage. Deeply clean it before and after storing. Make sure that it is dry before putting it away, the same way that you should ensure that the air humidifier is dry before using it again. 

Do you need a new air humidifier?

While proper maintenance could prolong the life of your air humidifier, you should also consider buying a new one if there are factors that get in the way of convenient and cost-efficient use. Some of the reasons why you may need a new air humidifier include:

  • Poor functionality or when the unit is no longer functioning the way it is supposed to. 
  • If your device tends to undergo parts replacement or repairs regularly it results in higher overall costs. 
  • If cleaning your air humidifier becomes difficult due to mold and scale buildup it presents health risks.

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Nowadays, you can purchase an air humidifier almost anywhere. However, you have to be careful in choosing the right one that suits your needs. 

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