Reasons Why Antigen Test Kits Remain Important

Why Antigen Test Kits are Still Essential

Borders are now open. People are already free to travel just like the way they used to before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. Gatherings are also now allowed without implementing strict social distancing and limiting the number of people in a specific venue. Along with the loosened restrictions is the privilege to live and engage in activities again without the need for antigen testing. While this seems an advantage as it can save you from additional expenses, there are reasons why antigen test kits remain important today.

Read on to understand the importance of antigen test kits.

Why Antigen Test Kits are Still Essential

1. The COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over.

The government has already started lifting restrictions but this doesn't mean that the threat of COVID-19 is no longer present. After the Omicron surge in January 2022, another sub-variant of Omicron has been detected recently in the Philippines. Face masks, social distancing, and antigen testings will remain part of the new normal as long as the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet completely gone.

2. There is still a huge population of unvaccinated Filipinos.

Vaccination plays a role in why there were fewer fatalities when the Omicron surge happened in January 2022. Although this is a positive development, there is still a huge population of Filipinos that remain unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. The risk of infection remains especially now that people are already allowed to be in public places without restrictions.

3. Surges are still happening in various countries.

A fresh surge of infections in different parts of the world is another cause of concern. Travel restrictions have been lifted in many countries. But if you want to be safe and be responsible as a human being, it would be ideal if you will undergo antigen testing. This will give peace of mind that you are not infected and won’t cause harm to others. 

4. COVID-19 symptoms are similar to the common flu.

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, tiredness, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, headache, and pains. These are similar to the symptoms of common flu. During this time of the pandemic, if you will experience these symptoms, it wouldn’t be safe to consider them as ordinary signs of the common flu. The best step is to seek medical attention and undergo antigen testing to rule out the possibility of COVID-19 infection. This will also help ensure that proper treatment will be done and prevent the worsening of the symptoms.

5. You have to do your part as a responsible citizen.

As much as gatherings are no longer limited and everything seems back to normal, you have to be responsible, especially when organizing events or parties. Antigen test kits are recommended to still be used when holding events. Children’s parties may involve kids that haven’t received their vaccine yet. Reunions may include immunocompromised people. If you will organize any gathering with these people, you’d have peace of mind if you’ll initiate antigen testing. This will help identify risks and keep the participants safe and free from worries.

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Antigen test kits may not be as important as they were before but they remain essential. 

Peace of mind matters for your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Skipping additional precautions could lead to major problems. At this time when the pandemic is not yet over and uncertainties as to when it will stop remain, antigen testing could save you from unnecessary worries. You can live and enjoy the freedom you want without a cloud of doubt regarding your health status or if you are already a threat to the people around you.

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