Facts About Favipiravir Tablets that are Useful to Know

Facts About Favipiravir Tablets

The pandemic brought a lot of challenges. One of them is finding a drug that can help relieve the symptoms of COVID-19. Favipiravir tablets gathered great attention as an anti-viral drug which is originally used for the treatment of influenza.


Want to learn more about Favipiravir tablets? Read on to know the facts that are useful for you to know.

Favipiravir Tablets: An Overview

Favipiravir tablets were discovered by Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. in Japan. These medicines gained their approval for therapeutic use in targeting various strains of influenza including those that were no longer responsive to conventional treatments.


Due to its efficiency, studies have been done in other countries to use Favipiravir tablets as a treatment for other novel viruses such as Ebola and most recently, COVID-19 with which two studies turned positive results.

How it Works

Favipiravir tablets’ mechanism of action helps prevent the propagation of viruses. These drugs work on RNA viruses exclusively and are effective in preventing viruses from duplicating themselves once they’re inside the host cell.


Studies also show that out of the 80 subjects tested, Favipiravir showed faster clearance of the virus. Results also revealed improved CT scans among 91% of the participants after the treatment. Among COVID-19 patients, Favipiravir tablets also showed up to 88% clinical improvements. Other studies also revealed that compared to other antiviral drugs, Favipiravir tablets have a better clinical recovery rate in the 1st week and with evident faster relief from fever and cough.


While the results of studies show that Remdesevir is the most promising antiviral drug that may be used in treating SARS-CoV 2. Favipiravir tablets are eyed as a substitute because of their similar mechanism of action except that Favipiravir is administered through the oral route. Furthermore, it also offers advantages since these tablets can be given to patients experiencing symptoms but are not ill enough to require hospitalization. 


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COVID-19 has exposed vulnerabilities in the health sector, especially with limited options on antiviral drugs.  Fortunately, there are studies conducted to prove the efficacy of alternative medications and treatments. Favipiravir tablets are a strong candidate for the treatment of viral diseases but supportive data is still required to back its use as an agent that can be used in treating mild to moderate cases. 

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