The Many Uses of Dishwashing Liquid that You Need to Know

Uses of Dishwashing Liquid that You Need to Know

A dishwashing liquid may appear as a typical household cleaner. But many people are not aware of the versatile uses that make it an essential part of every home’s grocery list. Definitely, it’s more than just a solution for cleaning the dishes. Read on to know the many uses of dishwashing liquid that expose the benefits that it can lend.

Amazing Uses of a Dishwashing Liquid

1. Outdoor Furniture Cleaner

Definitely not only for cleaning plates, utensils, and pots, a dishwashing liquid works just as well in cleaning countertops, window sills, and other types of furniture. Whether it’s made of glass or plastic, a dishwashing liquid can clean it just as well. It will only take a small amount of liquid mixed with warm water to clean dirt and grime on furniture. 


NOTE: A dishwashing solution can work effectively on outdoor furniture especially those exposed to dirt and dust. It can even get rid of sticky buildup.

2. Appliance Degreaser

Some appliances need degreasing from time to time. You can rely on the ever-dependable dishwashing liquid to get the job done. Kitchen appliances that have a sticky build-up due to cooking can be cleaned using a dishwashing liquid. It has a mild formula that can polish off stains from stainless steel to leave it grease-free and sparkly clean.

3. Stain Remover

Do you have table cloths, clothes, and other fabrics that have been stained with oil? If your laundry detergent failed to work, don’t give up. A dishwashing liquid may be what you need. Use it for spot treatment to get rid of oil and remove tough stains. Use 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid into 2-3 cups lukewarm water. use a cloth to carefully dab the stain and repeat until the stain is removed.




Dishwashing liquid is more gentle than ordinary detergents and may be used on delicate fabrics such as wool and silk because of its less potent chemical composition.

4. Jewelry Polisher

The jewelry and accessories you use can also acquire dirt which can cause them to look dull or cloudy. They lose their luster once dirt is collected on the surface. The good news is you don’t need to buy a jewelry cleaner to bring back their sparkle. You can restore the original shine of your jewelry by mixing a small part of dishwashing liquid with water. Use it as a solution where the jewelry should be soaked for at least 5 minutes. For stubborn stains, use a toothbrush to scrub them.

5. Glass Cleaner

Annoyed by foggy glasses? Cleaning glasses may be a challenge but with a dishwashing liquid, it would be easier to get rid of fingerprints and even vapor that causes glasses to become foggy. Just rub a drop of the liquid on lenses then wipe away using a soft cloth. This should prevent foggy lenses.

6. Car Wheels Cleaner

It could be very challenging to remove brake dust and dirt from car wheels. Dirt could accumulate and harden which will make it more difficult to clean. What you can do is mix water with dishwashing liquid. A scour brush would also be handy to use this mixture in cleaning car wheels. 


7. Door Lubricant

Does the sound of a squeaky door annoy you? Get the silence you deserve by fixing the nuisance using a dishwashing liquid. Instead of using grease, you can use a dishwashing liquid to lubricate door hinges.

8. Fruit Fly Trap

There are times when fruit flies find their way into your space, especially where fresh fruits are present. This is unsanitary and absolutely annoying. You don’t have to suffer from having these pests in your place. Protect your health by creating a fly trap using 3 drops of dishwashing liquid mixed with a bowl of vinegar. This mixture can effectively trap fruit flies and prevent them from breeding.


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At times when specialty products are not available, you can always reach out for a bottle of dishwashing liquid and use it as an alternative. It is an effective cleaner not only for your kitchen utensils but for other things that you might not have thought of. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above and make sure that you’ll always keep a stock of the ever-dependable dishwashing liquid.


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