Best Lab Tea Tree Dishwashing Liquid
Safe and Affordable Dishwashing Liquid

BestLab Tea Tree Dishwashing Liquid (1 Gallon)

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BestLab is a trusted brand offering safe and high-quality products, including high-quality and natural dishwashing liquid.

Tea Tree Dishwashing Liquid

The Tea Tree dishwashing liquid from BestLab is made with natural antibacterial from Lactic acid and Tea Tree oil to ensure your safety while keeping your utensils at home clean and well-preserved. Bestlab’s Dishwashing liquid is formulated with natural and effective ingredients that make it a powerful grease cleanser without compromising your safety.


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BestLab’s dishwashing liquid uses an active ingredient that is a registered product of L(+) lactic acid for sanitizing & disinfecting cleaning formulations:

  • It is natural because BestLab’s dishwashing liquid is made from Agro raw materials and produced through a fermentation process
  • EPA approval under FIFRA in the United States
  • Approved for the DfE green disinfectant pilot program
  • Notified under European BPR (No 528/2012) for PT 1, 2,3,4 & 6
  • Listed in the DID (Detergents Ingredients Database) no. 25681



Uses & Benefits of Tea Tree Diswashing Liquid

  • With Natural actives
  • Safe Non-toxic ingredients
  • With moisturizing ingredient