Health and Wellness Essentials You Shouldn’t Live Without this New Year

Health and Wellness Essentials

The pandemic has shown us the importance of health and wellness. Since 2020, more people have become more serious about health and how they can properly address their needs especially as risks remain.

As 2022 starts, health remains a trending topic. With the way things are now, there’s no reason for you to be lax. Here are someof the health and wellness essentials that you shouldn’t live without this new year.

The Health and Wellness Essentials to Help You Jumpstart the New Year

Face Masks

This is one of the truths that you have to accept for now. As long as the Coronavirus exists, you should put your mask on whenever you’re going out or when around other people. Studies reveal that countries with strict regulations on face mask use and physical distancing are in a better situation, epidemiologically. 

However, you should not just buy any mask you want. There are guidelines that you need to follow when choosing face masks.

  • For cloth masks, choose layered but breathable fabric. In the case of the Omicron variant, a cloth mask is not enough. It is recommended to wear surgical mask under it as this variant is highly transmissible.
  • Face masks should have a snug fit and don't have gaps.
  • Choose face masks with a nose wire so that air leak will not come out of the mask.

Vitamins and Supplements

With variants of viruses still on the rise, you should religiously take your vitamins and other supplements. The food you take may not be able to provide the essential vitamins you need these days. By regularly taking vitamins, your energy levels are boosted. They can also boost your memory which is crucial especially with the challenges of learn-from-home and work-from-home setups. 

NOTE: 500mg Vitamin C, preferably with zinc, is recommended to boost the immune system.


Aside from vitamins, you also have to maintain a steady stock of the basic medicines such as paracetamol for fever, cough and colds medicines, anti-allergy drugs, and others depending on your usual health care needs. This is to ensure that when an illness strikes, you have the first-aid meds that can provide the relief you need.

However, you have to know when an illness is already serious. When medicines don’t work, you may need to consult a physician who can prescribed you with the right meds.

Fitness Equipment

Mobility has been limited and you wouldn’t know until when this setup will continue. In spite of the restrictions, you should strive to maintain an active lifestyle. Exercise regularly. There are basic fitness equipment that you can use which provide a better option now than to use the gym. If your budget isn’t that big, basic exercise equipment like jumping rope or yoga mat can help you start a fitness routine.

Personal Care Kit

During the pandemic, a lot of people ended up missing their salon or dental appointment. It’s just too risky to be in public places and stay in a room with people who came from different places. This 2022, you can make sure that your personal needs are taken care of. Invest in a personal care kit. Stock up on dental essentials so that you can be sure that your dental hygiene is in good condition. Buy hair and skin care products so that you can still take care of yourself even when you have to miss your salon trips most of the time.

Sanitation Products and Equipment

It helps to ensure that your surroundings are free from harmful viruses. Aside from 70% alcohol to keep your hands sanitized, you should also consider investing in equipment that can help disinfect your home. Air humidifiers with disinfectants are a worthy investment as it helps free the air of harmful radicals. Don’t forget the sanitation and disinfectant products that are now staples of a safe and clean home.

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No one really knows what 2022 may bring especially when it comes to health and wellness as the world is still facing uncertainties. But as an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, you’d be off to a good start if you’ll keep stock of the essentials that can reduce health risks and effectively take care of your overall wellness.

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