5 Practices to Ensure Food Safety in the Time of Covid-19

Do you have a food business? You’re in one of the most challenged industries now because of Covid-19. More than ever, restaurants and other food establishments now need to operate according to ideal sanitary and food safety practices.

Aside from that, it is important to give diners the confidence that you’re taking their health and safety seriously. After all, getting the right impression by doing the right thing will win you repeat customers.

Below are some of the examples of practices to up your health and safety standards within your food establishment.

Health and Safety Practices for Your Food Business 

1. Set basic hygiene standards among your staff.

Your staff represents your business. They are the ones who face the customers of your food establishment. How they appear will have an impact on customer perception about how serious you are about food safety.

To set a good impression, your staff should have:

  • A clean uniform/apron
  • Face mask
  • Disposable gloves for food handling
  • Well-groomed hair and fingernails
  • Clean hands
  • No signs of illness

2. Make your customers aware of your health and safety practices

Customers will be attracted to restaurants that are proactive in maintaining a well-sanitized environment. If you are taking measures, make sure that your customers will take notice. One way is to put signboards at the entrance to inform them about the safety protocols you’re implementing.

3. Implement strict hand hygiene

As the virus can be transmitted through hand contact, it is important to ensure that everyone who’ll enter your food establishment has sanitized their hands. Provide a hand sanitizer at the entrance to ensure that hygienic practices start there. 

TIP: Choose natural hand sanitizers. Your customers will appreciate its disinfecting properties without leaving their hands dry.

4. Provide clean utensils

Customers would be hesitant to dine in restaurants that won’t provide clean and safe to use utensils. Seal utensils with clean packaging to make customers feel more secure. It is one way to assure them that what they’ll be using wasn’t exposed to dirt, saliva, and other particles. You can also give the option of using disposable utensils to further make them at ease.

It is also important to wash dishes and utensils thoroughly with a dishwashing liquid with natural ingredients and antibacterial properties. BestLab offers a dishwashing liquid made with natural antibacterial from Lactic acid and Tea Tree oil. Check it out here.

5. Observe proper food handling.

The food you serve in your food establishment should not pose any health hazard. Food must be cooked properly and at the required temperature. Prepared ingredients must also be cooked as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary exposure.

An extra step that you can take is to use a food-grade and natural disinfectant solution to wash fruits and vegetables. It may mean exerting more time and effort but it’s a good practice to further improve your food safety practices. 

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The new normal demands a shift to new practices especially when it comes to industries that involve food. Learn and apply the steps that can ensure food safety in the time of pandemic to restore client confidence and to do your part in controlling the spread of the virus.

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