Summer Vacation during Pandemic? Here's How to Mix Fun and Safety

Rest and relaxation is an integral part of overall well-being. If you are among those who have been deprived of a vacation due to the pandemic, you may already have the urge to get away and recharge.

While Covid-19 continues to bring uncertainties and threat to health and safety, travel restrictions have already been eased up in some places. Aside from reviving the economy, this is also a step towards supporting the mental health of many. The challenge now is how you can mix fun and safety while enjoying your summer vacation during a pandemic.

Tips to a Fun and Safe Summer Vacation during a Pandemic

Plan Ahead and Do Your Research

As most hotels and attractions run on limited capacity at this time, you have to book ahead of time. You also have to know their operating hours and restrictions. Choose spacious resorts or destinations. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to end in a place that doesn’t enforce strict safety protocols as it only opens risks of virus transmission. 

Travel with a Small Group

One important precautionary measure is to keep your group small. If possible, travel only with the people you live with. This decreases your risk of acquiring the virus especially from people who are engaged in activities or went to places you’re not aware of. Transmission is fast. You’ll feel safer and have peace of mind with the people you regularly interact with.

TIP: If traveling with extended families, create a safe space by using separate vehicles

Pack Your New Normal Essentials

Whether you’ll be out camping or headed to the beach, there are the new normal essentials that you need to pack for your trip. Here are the basic supplies that you should NEVER forget:


You need to be cautious of high-touch surfaces. If you’ll be staying overnight, use a natural disinfectant solution to sanitize doorknobs, light switches, tables, phones, remote controls, sinks, and faucets.

Load Up on Your Vacation Must-Haves

Of course, you shouldn’t forget to bring the essentials that will contribute to fun summer vacation. Pack your favorite snacks and drinks. Bring game boards or cards for entertainment. Remember that it is no longer that easy to schedule a vacation now so you should find ways to make it a fun and memorable trip.

Avoid Exposure

Be mindful when going to areas with other people as this opens the potential for infection. Remember, infected people may be asymptomatic and they may not be aware that they are already a carrier of the virus. Practice physical distancing and sanitary practices even around people who appear to be healthy to prevent exposure.

TIP: In case you suspect that you have been exposed during your trip, self-quarantine for 14 days once you get home. This will allow you to monitor your condition and prevent the possible spread of the virus.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought new ways for people to deal with things and that includes how you spend quality time while on a vacation. 

As much as possible, it is advised to stay home. However, if you think that you already need a quick break to preserve your overall wellness, summer vacation during a pandemic is an option. Just make sure that you will do your part in controlling the spread of the virus while taking your dose of rest and relaxation.

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