Safety and Hygiene Practices in the Workplace to Leave You Worry-Free

As the COVID-19 pandemic already went past its 1-year mark, most businesses are left with no other option but to continue with their operations. However, that also opens risks for virus transmission especially with employees coming from different locations. There are also those who have to settle for public transportation which further exposes them to the risk of infection.

Despite the threats to health with the opening of businesses, life has to continue. However, if you are a business owner, manager or HR officer, you are left with the greater responsibility of ensuring safety for all.  Here’s a guide to help you implement safety and hygiene practices in the workplace to leave you with fewer worries while your business operations go on.


Safety and Hygiene Practices in the Workplace to Leave You Worry-Free

The challenge to keep the workplace safe for employees and visitors remain as long as the pandemic continues. Here’s a guide to help you in the implementation of safety and hygiene practices in the workplace.


Before Re-Opening


  1. PLAN

Create a plan to establish a safe work environment focusing on reducing or eliminating exposure and transmission with the workplace.


Safety and hygiene policy must be developed before re-opening the workplace. It should include the rules that you will implement and your expectations to maintain a safe environment.


Put in place a support system for employees when they return to work to help them adjust to the new normal in the workplace and help them deal with the emotional challenges that they may be dealing with.


Clean and disinfect the workplace days before you open. Make sure that a sanitized environment is maintained.


You have to make sure that there will be enough supply of disinfectants, alcohol, sanitizers, and even medicines before you reopen. This will be essential in the effective implementation of safety and hygiene practices in the workplace.


Upon Opening



Make sure that everyone is properly informed about the new normal policy in the workplace. Provide written notes or organize a meeting to ensure that everyone understands the safety and hygiene practices in the workplace.


See to it that health and sanitation supplies are available in the right places. 

  • Entry points should have alcohol dispensers and foot baths
  • A thermal scanner must be available and used for everyone who’ll enter the workplace
  • The bathroom must have soap, toilet paper, sanitizer, alcohol, and wipes. 
  • Sanitation supplies like alcohol should be easily accessible for all.


Safety and hygiene practices in the workplaces will be easier to implement if personal hygiene is also promoted. Make everyone responsible for workplace safety. It should be understood that:

  • An employee will inform the management if they have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive individual.
  • Employees who are experiencing symptoms will inform the management and will not report to work.
  • Social distancing and wearing of face masks must be observed at all times.
  • Basic and strict hygienic practices must be followed at all times.
  • The maintenance of a sanitized workplace is everyone’s responsibility. Rules like CLAYGO must be implemented.


It is a must to ensure that the workplace is kept clean and well-sanitized at all times. Aside from the sense of professionalism that it creates, it creates the assurance that you’re in a safe place to work.


As the pandemic remains, you have to be prepared for unexpected changes in workplace protocols. Operations may be stopped if an employee tests positive and may only resume once disinfection protocols are completed. Lockdown restrictions may also change which may affect your operations once again.



Stricter regulations may be in place depending on the industry you’re in. A lot of businesses are looking forward to reopening the same way that employees also look into getting back to their normal routine. In the meantime, the strict implementation of safety and hygiene practices in the workplace can help you move forward with your team while putting enough consideration into everyone’s wellness.

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