13 Household Uses of Rubbing Alcohol that You Must Know

Nowadays, rubbing alcohol whether isopropyl or ethyl alcohol is considered a home essential. It is one of the disinfectants that can stop the spread of bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus. As you stock up on it for your home, you should also take advantage of the other household uses of rubbing alcohol. 

You might be surprised to know that aside from cleaning wounds and disinfecting, rubbing alcohol serves other purposes. Discover some of the brilliant ways to make the most of your new normal essential in this article.

13 Unconventional Uses of Rubbing Alcohol 

Rubbing alcohol not only works for personal care, but it is also a great cleaning tool too. The next time you see a bottle of alcohol, you may want to try using it for purposes other than what it is normally used for.

  1. Easily clean blinds. Removing dirt between the slats of blinds is easier with rubbing alcohol. You can use a spatula and wrap a washcloth soaked in alcohol around it to easily clean in between the slats.

  2. Restore the shine of sinks and chrome. Want to make surfaces shine again? Rubbing alcohol can do that. Use a soft and clean cloth and rubbing alcohol to rinse sinks and chrome to clean the surface and restore their shine.
  3. Bring back the luster of your jewelry. Just as rubbing alcohol is effective in restoring shine in chrome, it can also restore the luster of your jewelry. Soak them in alcohol then wipe with a clean cloth to see them shine once more.
  4. Clean makeup brushes. Think your makeup brushes are too dirty? Don’t throw them away yet without exploring how rubbing alcohol can clean them. All you’ll need is a cup of alcohol where you’ll dip your brushes. Swirl the brushes in the alcohol for a while. Rinse with water and leave on a towel to let dry. 
  5. Remove dry erase marks. After some time a whiteboard will no longer look clean because of markings. But, you can make it look clean again with the help of alcohol. For complete removal, 90% rubbing alcohol is recommended. Clean the board with a spray bottle or washcloth.
  6. Refresh sponges. Kitchen sponges can get real dirty. One way to disinfect them is by soaking sponges in rubbing alcohol. After a while, they’ll be clean enough to be reused. 
  7. Maintain a clean collar. Tired of getting a ring around the collar of your shirt? You can prevent this by wiping a cotton pad soaked in alcohol around your neck.
  8. Deodorize shoes. Got stinky shoes? Make them fresh smelling again with rubbing alcohol. Spray alcohol on the insides then set out in the sun to dry. Alcohol and sun both work in killing bacteria that cause bad smell.
  9. Remove stickers. Having a hard time removing stickers? Do it easily with rubbing alcohol. Saturate the sticker and wait 10 minutes. You’ll be surprised to see how it can be easily wiped away.
  10. Get rid of hairspray on surfaces. Annoyed by the sticky hairspray on your mirror or tiles? You’ll only need to soak or spray alcohol on a soft cloth and rub it on the surface to make it crystal-clear again.
  11. Wash off permanent ink stains. Did your favorite shirt got inked? Don’t worry. You can remove ink and permanent marker stains by soaking in rubbing alcohol for several minutes. Rinse and wash the garment afterwards.
  12. Remove dirt and water spots of stainless steel. It is effective in the removal of water spots while disinfecting surfaces. Soak a microfiber towel with rubbing alcohol and use it to clean stainless steel.
  13. Get rid of fruit flies. Never get bothered by fruit flies again. Get rid of them by spraying them with alcohol. Just be careful not to spray fruits with alcohol as it may cause fruits to easily spoil.

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The uses of rubbing alcohol go on. Certainly, there are a lot more versatile ways to make the most of it. It is a powerful disinfectant to clean surfaces thoroughly and at the same time, the uses of rubbing alcohol extend to making difficult tasks simpler.

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