New Normal Restaurant Dining Tips to Help Minimize Your Risk

Quarantine measures helped slow down the spread of COVID-19. However, it has greatly affected the food industry too. Fortunately, restrictions have been reduced now in certain areas and most dining places are now back to business. But that’s not all. New normal restaurant dining comes with changes that customers need to adopt. Here are some of the tips that you should follow to enjoy your dining experience without compromising your health and safety.

5 Tips to a Safe New Normal Restaurant Dining Experience

1. Find restaurants with strict protocols.

It is now impossible to run a restaurant without adhering to strict COVID-19 protocols enforced by the government. But of course, you can still find restaurants that stand out because of the extra efforts they take to keep everyone safe.

Here are some of the things to check:

  • Acrylic dividers
  • Alternate seating
  • Sealed dining utensils
  • Availability of alcohol and sanitizers
  • Contact tracing
  • Limited dining capacity

2. Choose outdoor dining.

Always consider your safety. While indoor dining is now allowed in most areas, studies show that you are in a safer place if you’ll dine outdoors. A major factor for this is air circulation. Respiratory droplets are easier to circulate in enclosed dining areas with poor ventilation. Another is the social distancing that is easier to observe in spacious outdoor spots.

3. Bring your alcohol and hand sanitizer

Your alcohol and hand sanitizer is now a must-have wherever you go. When going to restaurants, make sure that you have them with you. Even when there’s a dispenser available in entryways, it is more ideal to use your own so you won’t be in contact with items that other people have also touched.

Make sure to also use alcohol or hand sanitizer when getting in contact with high-touch surfaces in restaurants such as door/door handles, menus and chairs as they may contain bacteria and viruses too.

4. Observe new normal protocols.

Aside from using alcohol and other disinfectants, remember to mask up. As they say, a mask is a must. So if you’re going to restaurants, make it a part of your OOTD. Here are some tips to remember when wearing face masks.

  • Keep it on for as long as possible.
  • Refrain from touching it. 
  • Bring a case or a mask holder where you can put it while eating.
  • After eating, make sure to put it back on.
  • Never put it on the table as it may become a reason for cross-contamination.

Another protocol to follow is to maintain social distancing. It’s now a privilege to be out and eat in a restaurant of your choice. However, remember that it’s still pandemic. Always maintain a safe gap between you and your friends.

5. Be strict with your hygiene and sanitary practices

Discipline is a must when dining out in restaurants today. You have to be strict in maintaining hygienic and sanitary practices and this applies especially when dining out with friends from another household.

  • Do not pick food from others’ plates.
  • When sharing food, make sure that a serving spoon is used.
  • Don’t share plate and cutlery.
  • Use disposables. You can bring your water bottle or cutlery, too.

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In the time of the pandemic, it is best to always take an extra step of precaution to minimize your risks. Remember the new normal restaurant dining practices mentioned in this article to have a safe and worry-free dining experience. 

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