5 Immunity-Boosting Tips that Can Help Protect You from COVID-19 and Other Illnesses

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, much emphasis has been given to the importance of boosting your immune system in order to enhance your protection against the disease. Studies reveal that Corornavirus Covid‐19 attacks people with low immune systems. More serious effects of the virus have also been seen among people with compromised immunity.

As the problem with COVID-19 continues, one of the things that you can do is to support your immune system. Here are some of the immunity-boosting tips that you should be doing now to be protected from Coronavirus and other illnesses.

5 Immunity-Boosting Tips to Protect You from Illnesses

1. Maintain an active lifestyle.

Exercise whenever possible. By staying active, you’re helping your body’s antibodies and white blood cells to circulate more rapidly. Exercise also lowers stress hormones which reduce the risk of getting sick.

2. Support your mental health.

Your mental health has an effect on your immunity so you should take time to preserve a sound mind too. Maintain a daily exercise routine or meditate once a day. You can also engage in past times that can support your mental health like watching feel-good movies, reading a nice novel, or cooking up your favorite dish.

3. Get enough sleep.

One of the natural ways to boost your immune system is quality sleep. Make it a point to manage at least 7 hours of sleep a day. Sleep deprivation won’t do any good to your immune system as it can lead to the production of stress hormones that can suppress your immune system. 

4. Get your dose of sunlight.

Catch some sun whenever possible. There are health benefits that exposure to sunlight brings. It helps in the production of vitamin D, lowers blood pressure, supports bone health, prevents certain diseases, and boosts mental health too. 

TIP: Make sure to bathe under the morning sun. 8 am to 10 am are the ideal hours to catch some rays to avoid sunburn and skin cancers.

5. Follow a healthy diet.

As always, your food choices have an impact on your overall wellness. To boost your immunity, you need to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds that contain the nutrients that your body needs. It is best to avoid excessive drinking of alcoholic drinks as it can weaken the immune system and make you more vulnerable to infections.

The Essential Nutrients to Boost Your Immunity

To guide you further, below is a list of nutrients that can help boost your immunity.

  • Protein (for healing and recovery)

Sources of protein include seafood, lean meat, poultry, eggs, soy products, nuts, beans, and seeds.

  • Vitamin A (to regulate your immune system)

Get your dose of Vitamin A through carrots, spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, and eggs.

  • Vitamin C (supports the immune system)

Load up on citrus fruits, papaya, strawberries, and tomato juice.

  • Vitamin E (provides antioxidants)

Improve your immune function with peanut butter, almonds, sunflower seeds, and vegetable oils.

  • Zinc (boosts immunity and promotes wound healing)

This nutrient is present in lean meat, poultry, seafood, milk, whole grain products, seeds, nuts, and beans.

IMPORTANT: Aside from getting the essential nutrients that help boost your immune system, it is also ideal to also take health supplements like Ascorbic Acid with Zinc. These are important micronutrients that support immunity, boost nutrition, and health maintenance.

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These immunity-boosting tips can help provide the protection you need against a wide range of diseases. During a pandemic, you shouldn’t compromise your immune system. It can be your first line of defense to reduce the risk of getting infected.

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