General Cleaning Tips for the Holiday Season

General Cleaning Tips

Christmas is in the air and for many people, it also means spending a great time with the family and welcoming guests into their homes. Holidays are for merry-making and for rekindling ties with friends and loved ones. However, if your home is not yet holiday-ready, you can still squeeze in some time for general cleaning.


Want to make it a breeze? Here are some of the general cleaning tips for the holiday season to guide you.

General Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holiday Season

1. Do it the smart way.

When it comes to general cleaning, you have to work smart not hard.


There are already cleaning tools that you can use to make house cleaning a lot easier. Vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, and spin scrubbers are just some examples.


Aside from equipment, you can also find house cleaning products that will help you do the trick. Disinfectants and sanitizers can be used to clean solid surfaces and even get rid of harmful pathogens. That's hitting two birds with one stone as you are able to keep the house clean and sanitized at the same time. Just make sure that all the cleaning materials and products are prepared before you proceed with the general cleaning.

2. Get everyone involved.

Christmas is about getting the family together. Why not start by preparing your home for the holidays? 


You don’t have to do general cleaning on your own. Delegate tasks. For sure, everyone wants to make the home look prepped and inviting. Assign areas of responsibility. You may not know it but some of your family members would be more than happy to help create improvements in your home.


3. Clean the entire house quickly and efficiently.

It would not be enough to clean just a room or the parts of the house that holiday guests may see. Allot time to clean the entire house. Dirt may just be transferred from one room to another due to foot traffic and you wouldn't want your effort to go to waste.


The trick is to do it fast and efficiently. Don't just focus on one area. Wipe surfaces, sweep the floor, and dust furniture. Do everything in one room so you can move on to the next one without missing important spots.


A great plan of attack is to do general cleaning from top to bottom and left to right. This will ensure that you won’t miss a spot and at the same time prevent double cleaning certain areas or furniture.

4. Pay extra attention to noticeable areas.

Windows, tabletops, entryways, and railings are some of the things that can attract attention. Make sure that they are spotless in time for the holiday season. 


Cleaning these areas will not just make your home guests-ready. It will also ensure that you can decorate without dust and dirt getting in the way of the line of vision.

5. Strive for a germ-free home.

Times have changed and though most people are already transitioning to a post-pandemic world, you should not overlook the importance of health and safety especially when you are expecting guests for the holidays.


  • Use disinfectant wipes or alcohol to clean high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, switches, remote controls, and others. 
  • Ensure that dishes and glassware have been thoroughly cleaned with a safe and natural dishwashing liquid to keep foods safe. 
  • Sanitize entryways and path walks.
  • Make alcohol or hand sanitizer available in certain areas of your home.

6. Clean regularly.

One-time major cleaning won’t be enough to keep your home squeaky clean until the holidays are over. You have to do quick and small cleanings to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Little steps can make a huge difference. When done regularly, habits can be formed so house cleaning won’t be burdensome anymore.


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It’s just a few weeks away until the major events of the year such as Christmas and New Year are celebrated. As you welcome visitors into your home, take the necessary efforts to make your home nice, warm, comfortable, and safe too. Keep these general cleaning tips in mind to make your home holiday-ready!

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