Commuting Tips for a Safe and Comfortable Journey

Commuting Tips to Live By

As activities are now bound to their pre-pandemic state, one of the many challenges that a typical Filipino must face is the day-to-day commute. Recently, news featuring commuter problems has been highlighted. Images of people in clusters and long lines present a crisis that workers, students, and other ordinary Filipinos have to bear. In addition to the actual problem is the fact that such a scenario could easily be a recipe for disease transmission.


While many have no choice but to bear the discomfort and difficulty, there are commuting tips that can contribute to a safer and more comfortable journey.

5 Commuting Tips to Live By

1. Avoid Peak Rush Hours

Commuting during the less busy hours of the day has its share of inconveniences and discomfort. Doing it during peak rush hours won’t bring any good. Avoid headaches and long hours in traffic by beating the rush hours. Rush hours usually begin from 5 to 9 AM and 4–8 PM. Avoid these hours by heading out early or traveling before and after those times.

2. Know Better Routes

Some places will leave you stagnant for hours, especially during bad days or when there are weather disturbances. Check if there are alternate routes that you can use. There could be less traveled roads that may bring you to your destination on time and with lesser stress.

3. Consider Carpooling

If you have friends or co-workers who have cars and travel the same route as yours, carpooling would be a good option.  This will help lessen the number of cars on major highways and can bring comfort and convenience as you travel to your destination. Arrange it with your friends and plan accordingly. It may mean a higher transport allowance but the benefits that it can bring would be worth it. 

4. Bring Your Commuting Essentials

Many commuters deal with commuting woes and must still be presentable upon arriving at work. No matter how bad your commute is, find time to freshen up. You may bring extra clothes or a shirt that you can change into once you’re already at work. Bring face and hand wipes so you can still freshen up quickly after a challenging commute.

5. Stay on the Safe Side

Aside from reaching your destination fresh and in “one piece”, you should not disregard the health hazards that come with commuting. Keep in mind that you will be riding public transport and may have direct contact with strangers. Viruses and diseases may be acquired from such a setup so you have to be proactive in making sure that you’ll have your health and safety essentials with you every time you commute. Alcohol is a must-have and should be used from time to time, especially in public and closed spaces. Wear your face mask to protect yourself and others from possible disease transmission.


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Many people rely on public transport to reach their destinations. While commuting remains to be a challenge in the Philippines, those who consider it a part of their daily routine should know the commuting tips that can ease up some of the difficulties it brings.


Check out some of the health and safety essentials that can help you survive the most common commuting woes.

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