Health and Safety Tips for Back-to-School Students

Health and Safety Tips to Help Students Thrive

After more than two years, students in the Philippines are returning to face-to-face classes. This step to normalcy is welcomed with different reactions. While it aims to restore the quality of education and resolve problems encountered by students and teachers during online classes, some parents and students are apprehensive as this could increase the risk of getting sick and possibly acquiring the dreaded COVID-19 virus.

Although many people are worried about the spread of diseases, it’s good to know that the level of protection can be improved with some health and safety essentials for students who are now back to school.

Health and Safety Tips to Help Students Thrive

Continue wearing face masks.

The restrictions on the wearing of face masks while outdoors are no longer mandatory. Although school policies may vary when it comes to face mask use, it would be best to stay on the safe side. Face masks can protect you and other people from getting sick. It helps prevent the spread of different viruses not just Coronavirus. 


When wearing a face mask, follow these useful tips:


  • Choose a face mask that fits comfortably so it can be worn for hours without discomfort.
  • Aside from the face mask being worn, provide another face mask per day to serve as a replacement in case it gets soiled or damaged.
  • Use a disposable face mask and properly throw it in the trash after use. If a reusable mask will be worn, make sure that it will be cleansed and dried thoroughly after every use.

Practice regular handwashing/sanitation.

Hands can harbor germs and other harmful pathogens. Cross-contamination would also be possible in a setting where there is a huge number of people such as in schools. With regular handwashing, students can help prevent the spread of infection, especially when done properly.


  • Use soap and water when washing hands
  • Spend at least 20 seconds to thoroughly clean the hands.
  • If soap and water are not available right away, make sure that alcohol or hand sanitizer will be used as an alternative.
  • Make it a habit to sanitize your hands before and after eating, after touching surfaces or people.

Disinfect daily.

Students should have a clean area to study or stay in. These areas need to be disinfected regularly. Aside from the school admin’s responsibility to keep areas clean, you can reinforce their efforts by bringing alcohol or disinfectant wipes that can be used to sanitize surfaces that might have been exposed to saliva, body fluids, or germs.

Boost immunity.

One of the reasons why people become vulnerable to certain diseases is a poor immune system. Students who tend to be busy with their schoolwork should not neglect their health. Some of the ways to boost immunity are as follows:


  • Regular intake of vitamins, preferably ascorbic acid with zinc
  • Inclusion of fruits and vegetables in daily diet
  • Enough rest and sleep, at least 7 hrs a day
  • Regular exercises/physical activity

Use health and safety equipment at entry points.

COVID-19 is one of the diseases that stress the importance of taking care of one’s health. In the school where a lot of people come and go, it is important to ensure that protection starts at the point of entry. Equipment such as contactless alcohol dispensers and non-contact thermometers are some of the things that must be installed at the gate and other entry points. These reinforce measures to prevent the spread of infection as early as possible.


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The world is now transitioning to the new normal. The threat of infectious diseases remains but they should not keep you from making the most of your life. Education is important just as health is. Now that face-to-face classes are back, don’t forget to up your or your child’s level of protection with these health and safety tips.


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