How to Enhance Your Protection Against Emerging Viruses

Tips to Enhance Your Protection Against Emerging Viruses

The world is already transitioning into a possibly post-pandemic state. There are also recommendations to consider the dreaded COVID-19 as a common virus. While these are all positive developments, the threat from different types of viruses remains. Omicron subvariants, monkeypox, and even the seasonal flu are causes of concern that should not be disregarded. 


After the crisis brought by Coronavirus, it is important to ensure that you’d have enhanced protection against emerging viruses. Here’s a basic but essential guide to help boost your protection from virus infection.

Tips to Enhance Your Protection Against Emerging Viruses

Practice Good Hand Hygiene

Your hands can help harmful germs and viruses away. Always keep them clean by washing often soap and warm water. In cases when soap and water are not available, you may use isopropyl/ethyl alcohol or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This will help improve your protection against viruses and at the same time prevent spreading diseases if you already have the virus.

Control the Spread of Viruses

Viruses have different modes of transmission. You have to be conscious of basic practices to help control the spread of diseases.


  • Use a face mask. This will not only prevent the spread of COVID-19. It will also control the spread of viruses when you cough or sneeze. Whether you are sick or not, mask up. It works both ways in terms of prevention and protection.
  • Use disposable tissues or antibacterial wipes. This is more ideal instead of using a handkerchief. Make sure to throw the tissue or wipes after use in a closed container.
  • Disinfect often. Always wash or wipe your hands to prevent virus transmission.

Disinfect Surfaces 

The surfaces you touch could be the cause of virus transmission. Make sure that they will be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Use the right household disinfectants to clean your home and surfaces. Choose the ones with natural ingredients that are safe to use and effective in killing germs and viruses.


TIP: Don’t forget to regularly clean high-touch areas such as doorknobs, switches, handles, phones, keyboards, railings, and more.

Stay Home if Sick

Be responsible for others’ well-being, too. If you are already experiencing symptoms, stay at home to prevent virus transmission. Take the necessary medicines to control the viruses as soon as possible. While at home, practice good hygiene and be cautious when dealing with the people who live with you. If you are leaving with vulnerable people such as kids, the elderly, pregnant women, and those with comorbidities, the more you should be cautious. Practice discipline. Control the virus early to prevent the spread of various diseases.


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Viruses come in different forms. Take note that some are more harmful than others so it is important to help prevent its spread. After COVID-19, there are more products that intend to fight and control viruses. There are some products that are worth spending on, especially if they can help secure the health of your family.

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