Safe and Effective Disinfection Tips for Homes with Dogs

Tips to Keeping House Clean with Dogs

Keep your house clean and safe for your and your furry friends’ good health. Regular cleaning and disinfecting remove pet odors and stains at home. This prevents the spread of allergies, illnesses, and unpleasant smells.

Learn how to keep your house clean with dogs around. Here are some safe and effective disinfection tips that you can follow to have a comfortable home and healthy living space for you and your dogs.


6 Tips to Keeping House Clean with Dogs


1.   Clean Your House Regularly.

Regular cleaning maintains a clean and safe home. To keep your house dirt-free with dogs, use a vacuum cleaner to remove your pets’ fur from the furniture, bedding, carpets, and floors. Empty the vacuum cleaner deposit after use. Wipe down surfaces with a dry towel. Clean up your dogs’ pee or poop immediately to prevent stains and unpleasant odors. 


2.   Protect Your Home and Dogs from Pests. 

One of the recommendations to keep house clean with dogs is to use flea repellent. This prevents fleas from entering your home and relieves your dogs from discomfort. You can also use a pet-friendly home pest spray that is free from toxic chemicals. Pest spray protects your home and removes dust mites, bed bugs, and ticks which cause skin irritation for the family.

3.   Disinfect your Dogs’ Items Regularly. 

In keeping house clean with dogs, disinfect your pets’ items such as bowls, toys, crates, beds, and blankets regularly. Select disinfectant products that are labeled pet-safe and non-toxic to maintain your house safe with dogs around. Keep your dogs out of the area when you disinfect their items. Disinfect by soaking in a bleach solution for at least 10 minutes to kill germs. Rinse with water afterward to remove any remaining bleach solution. 

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4. Keep Your Dogs Groomed.

One of the tips to preserve house clean with dogs is to groom your furry friends regularly. It is always a challenge to lessen the shedding of dogs’ fur around the house. Regular brushing can reduce the amount of fur that is shed. If possible, brush your dogs outside the house. Bathe your pets as often as needed to keep them smelling fresh and clean. Do not use human shampoo as they contain ingredients not suitable for pets. Trim their nails to prevent them from scratching the furniture and floors.


5.   Designate Pet-Specific Areas at Home.

Designating specific areas for your dogs at home is a practical tip to keep house clean with dogs. Provide your furry companions with a comfortable bed or crate so they can feel safe, relaxed, and sleep. Put a towel or mat under your dogs’ bowls to catch the spills. Assign a potty area for your dogs to make cleaning easier. 

6.   Keep Hazardous Items Away from Dogs

One of the tips to keep house safe with dogs is to keep hazardous items out of their reach. These items include medications, cleaning supplies, and household items that can be poisonous to your pets. Store these items in a secure place where your dogs cannot reach them. 


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These helpful tips to keep house clean with dogs are important guides to follow if you want to maintain a safe living place for you and your furry companions. Clean and disinfect the house and the pets’ items regularly to prevent the spread of harmful germs that may cause illness to you and your dogs.


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