Cleaning Superstitions that Can Attract Good Luck

Cleaning Superstitions from Various Countries

The new year has just started and after all the preparations made to welcome 2023, there’s another celebration coming--Chinese New Year! Also known as the Lunar New Year, it is one of the important events celebrated in the Philippines. While it is a part of Filipino-Chinese traditions, even pure Filipinos have been following traditions related to it. Certain practices are believed to attract prosperity, peace, and closer family ties. Aside from preparing lucky fruits and eating tikoy, one of the most common preparations is to ensure a clean house in time for the Lunar New Year. 


Cleaning superstitions are not new for Filipinos. But did you know that even people in other countries believe them too? Here are some of the cleaning superstitions followed in different parts of the world.

Cleaning Superstitions from Various Countries 


Filipinos have different cleaning superstitions when welcoming the New Year. Basically, it means cleaning everything! However, there’s a fine line to this. You can clean all you want before New Year but the following day, you should just let everything stay. This is to ensure that you won’t sweep away the good fortune that came in on New Year’s Eve.


Filipinos clean as a way of welcoming the new year and all the good luck it brings. It is one way to let positive energy into your home without obstacles. People also believe that your state when you welcomed the New Year reflects how the whole year would go for you. With this belief, you’d surely want everything to be in its proper order on New Year’s eve or the Lunar New Year.


Chinese believe that your front door is where the good fortune in your life enters. One of their cleaning superstitions is to thoroughly clean the home to say goodbye to the year that passed and say hello to the new year. However, you can’t just sweep in whatever direction you want as it may drive the good luck out. Sweep inward and collect in a pile. Trash should be taken out through the back door and never through the front. Another precaution is to avoid sweeping during the first two days of the New Year to contain the good luck you’ve attracted.


When you happen to be in Italy on New Year’s eve, be careful when passing homes. There’s a good chance that they will be tossing old belongings and furniture out their window once midnight strikes. This cleaning superstition may surprise you but they believe that it helps make room for positive energy in the new year.

South Africa

South Africa's cleaning superstitions are centered on decluttering. It is their way to get rid of bad mojo. They believe that by doing so, they can give a fresh and lucky start to the new year. Like the Italians, they throw their clutter out their windows and doors every New Year to welcome prosperity. 


For Portuguese, ALL hampers in their homes are emptied before New Year’s day. They believe that dirty clothes bring bad luck. Aside from that start the year with clean sheets to attract happiness and love.


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Cleaning superstitions vary around the world but mostly, it is done to attract good luck and start the year right. Looking deeper into these superstitions, it is essential to keep your home and surroundings clean no matter what time of year. A clean home creates calm and positive vibes. It also helps reduces the chance for viral and bacterial infection. So whether you believe these cleaning superstitions or not, you should still maintain a clean and sanitized home.

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