The Most Important Air Humidifier Benefits and Facts that You Need to Know

Air Humidifier Benefits and Facts that You Need to Know

Air humidifiers have been popular for several years already. However, people took a greater interest in this product because of its role in maintaining air quality plus the host of benefits that it can offer. If you have been contemplating whether to buy an air humidifier or not, this article shares the facts you need to know and highlights important air humidifier benefits that you shouldn’t miss.

What is an Air Humidifier?

Air humidifiers increase moisture in the air which aids in preventing dry skin and offers benefits especially for people experiencing respiratory symptoms. It is most ideal to use if the air in your home is too dry as it may lead to nose and eye irritation. 

Air humidifiers also help in the treatment of:

  • Dry skin
  • Irritated nose
  • Cracked lips
  • Dry throat
  • Nose bleeding
  • Flu or common cold symptoms

To help you further, the following section discusses the different air humidifier benefits that you should not overlook.

7 Important Air Humidifier Benefits

1. Prevent Flu

Air humidifiers can help reduce the risk of catching the flu. The flu virus is highly contagious but researches show that by increasing humidity levels by more than 40 percent, virus particles may be deactivated rapidly to make them less infectious.

2. Relieve Dry Cough

With dry air, a cough may become dry or unproductive. With the help of air humidifiers to increase humidity in the air, airways can be moisturized and aid in making cough more productive and therefore release trapped or sticky phlegm. They also help protect the throat by maintaining the level of humidity that can lubricate and soothe throat dryness.

3. Moisturize Skin and Hair

Cold and dry weather could bring damages to your skin and hair. This is the reason why you’ll notice your lips feel dry while your skin is flaky or itchy. By using an air humidifier, you can add moisture to indoor air to prevent problems caused by a lack of moisture in the skin and hair.

4. Soothe Sinuses

Experiencing stuffy nose? Clear it out the natural way by adding humidity in the air. Moist air helps in keeping the mucus flowing and will reduce the chances of problems caused by clogged nasal passages. Furthermore, with an air humidifier in place, your chances of experiencing nose bleeding are also reduced while allowing you to breathe easily.

5. Alleviate Symptoms of Illness

If you’re feeling under the weather, using an air humidifier might help. One of the many air humidifier benefits is its effect in easing symptoms of illnesses. It can help relieve breathing difficulties, stuffy nose, painful throat, and aid in getting the rest you need.

6. Create Ideal Environment for Houseplants

Do you keep plants inside your home? Air humidifiers can benefit them, too. Excessively dry air can harm houseplants especially those that thrive in well-moistured environments. If your houseplants show signs of lead loss, dryness, or stunted growth, you can give them a better chance to thrive by using an air humidifier.

7. Protect Furniture

While air humidifier benefits commonly target humans, wooden elements like your home’s flooring and the furniture you have in it can also reap benefits from air humidifiers. Wooden products are prone to damage if there are fluctuations in humidity. Before you see them crack or split up, use an air humidifier that can establish optimal humidity in your home and add protection to your wooden furnishings.

Tips to Remember When Using Air Humidifiers

Keep Your Air Humidifier Clean

As with any other appliance in your home, air humidifiers should be kept clean at all times. Clean it after every use. Check its water tank before using to ensure that it is completely dry.

Replace Water

You have to rinse and replace the water you use in your air humidifier every night. This will ensure that you’ll get rid of the old water in the tank that may already contain bacteria, fungi, or molds. 

Beware of White Buildup

If you’ll notice a white buildup within your air humidifier, clean it up. This is a sign of scaling and may cause particles to be present in the air and reach your lungs which will result in health problems eventually. Use vinegar and water to remove scale. A cleaning solution recommended by your manufacturer may also be used to clean your humidifier.

Maintain Optimal Humidity Levels

Anything that is excessive can bring harm. Even with the range of air humidifier benefits, you should make it a point to maintain optimal humidity levels in a room. Ideally, it should be within 30% to 50%. If you’ll go beyond that, molds and bacteria may thrive in your environment which will eventually cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

Use Distilled Water

Reduce health risks posed by contaminated air by using distilled water for your air humidifier. This will eliminate the chance for other unhealthy particles to be emitted into the air.

Regularly Replace Filters

Make it a point to replace filters for your air humidifier regularly. This will ensure optimal functionality and maintain clean air in your home. 

Do Not Over-Humidify

As mentioned, 30 to 50 percent is the ideal humidity level. You can avoid excessive humidification by keeping the door open as it will facilitate proper airflow in and out of the space.

Observe Proper Use

There are different types of air humidifiers in the market and you should identify the right type that will work best according to your requirements. If you have children, cool mist humidifiers are preferred over warm mist humidifiers as they are safer to use.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Air Humidifiers

  • Know the right type of humidifier that is most suitable for your space. Warm air humidifiers make the air safer but must be used with precaution when living with children.
  • Find the right size. As with air conditioning units, you’ll need an air humidifier in the right size to efficiently run the machine.
  • Take time to read product reviews. The experiences of other consumers may help you in deciding the best air humidifier to buy.
  • Consider ease of use and maintenance. The easier and less complicated a machine is, the easier it is for you to maintain and maximize its benefits.
  • Check the settings. If you want to adjust your humidifier according to your needs or preferences, make sure that there are settings that will allow customization.
  • Measure the room where the humidifier will run. Purchase a machine that’s appropriate for your space.

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Recent developments involving health must have already made you realize the importance of having clean air to breathe. Fortunately, there are devices that can help filter out harmful particles in the air. There are lots of air humidifier benefits that will convince you about the importance of using one inside your home. With proper use and maintenance, you can enjoy the privilege of maintaining optimal air quality inside your home.

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