Steps to Disinfect Packages for a Worry-Free Shopping Experience

Disinfect Packages for a Worry-Free Shopping Experience

Steps to Disinfect Packages for a Worry-Free Shopping Experience

The pandemic has greatly affected the way people live. The simple things that were freely done before are less engaging nowadays. This is especially true when it comes to shopping.


Many people have chosen to skip the risk of going to groceries or restaurants and just rely on delivery services to get food and other supplies. Stores have also adapted to this new way of living by making their products available through delivery. Not to mention, there are several couriers who can get packages right to your door and some will even do the shopping for you.


These new strategies offer a safer way to live in the new normal. However, you shouldn’t be too complacent. There are extra precautions that you should take to ensure that packages and deliveries will not put you at risk of acquiring COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Your Packages

Coronavirus can spread through respiratory droplets. When an infected person coughs, droplets may not just be transferred to another person. They may also land on surfaces, including supplies and packages,

The question is, can Coronavirus live on packages?

The survival rate of coronavirus on surfaces is still being studied. Although there are researches that show the virus can survive on various surfaces for several hours to several days. On cardboard, the virus can last up to around 24 hrs while it can survive on plastics for around 72 hrs. It should also be noted that the number of viruses on a surface is reduced with time.

The CDC also reported that the spread of Coronavirus via mail and parcels is unlikely. But to be safe, there are extra steps that you can take to ensure that your packages will not put your health and safety at risk.

Tips for the Safe Handling of Packages and Deliveries

  • Maintain a safe distance from the delivery person. Contact-free delivery is now implemented by certain businesses. It is most ideal to instruct the delivery person to leave the package in a safe space at your gate or door. If not, you must observe six feet of distance when claiming the package.

  • Observe hand hygiene. Proper handwashing plays an important role in staying virus-free. Once you have already discarded the packaging, wash your hands following the standard practices. Use soap and water. 

Isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer should also be available. Once you touch the package, sanitize your hands before touching surfaces to help control the possible spread of viruses. It would also be ideal if you can make automatic alcohol dispensers available right by your entry points to ensure that disinfection starts before anyone enters your home. 

REMEMBER: Never touch your eyes, nose, and mouth if you haven’t disinfected your hands yet to avoid possible infection.

  • Disinfect surfaces. Consider all the packages that enter your home as a possible source of infection. If you have placed a package down on your table or floor, make sure to clean the area with a natural disinfectant.


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These days, when it comes to health and safety, it is better to be cautious than being sorry in the end. The guidelines mentioned above are some of the simple steps that you may take to stay safe when accepting packages and deliveries. 


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