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BestLab Natural Disinfectant Solution & Sanitizer (1 Liter)

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BESTLAB Natural Disinfectant Solution and Sanitizer (1 Liter):

Bestlab offers high-quality natural disinfectant solutions and sanitizers. We offer a natural disinfectant based on Lactic Acid and is a fully biobased product. Our disinfectant products are effective in a wide range of disinfection applications primarily as a solid surface disinfectant and also perishable goods.

Our Source:

Our actives is a registered product of lactic acid capable of delivering effective biocidal and cleaning action from a fully biobased product. With our natural disinfectants and sanitizers, you can have a combination of antibacterial and antivirus benefits and still keeping good cleaning properties. Unlike strong acids, our lactic acid is low on odor and mild for hard surfaces


Uses & Benefits of Natural Disinfectant Solution & Sanitizer (1 Liter):

  • Safe and Mild Ingredient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Effective against bacteria and viruses
  • Low in odor
  • Excellent material capability

Disinfecting Applications included:

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Raw Meat
  • Hospital
  • Institutional
  • Veterinary Establishment
  • Milking Parlors
  • Household