BestLab Ready to Use Disnfectant-500mL | BestLab Philippines

BestLab Ready to Use Disnfectant-500mL | BestLab Philippines

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BESTLAB Ready to Use Disinfectant Solutionand Sanitizer:




Our brand Bestlab contains Poly (HexamethyleneBiguanide) Hypochlorine 0.2% which can be sanitize and disinfect affect edareas. It is effective in a wide range of disinfection applications primarily as a solid surface disinfectant




Our Source:




Our Active is registered product ofPoly (Hexamethylene Biguanide)Hypochloride 10%• It has been developed for the Food &





Beverage segment with special emphasis on food service -- sanitizingfood contact surfaces without need for water rinse





Fast speed of kill – actually effective at 30 seconds contact time(according to AOAC Germicidal and Detergent Sanitizer Method)







Uses & Benefits:




Broad Spectrum




Fast Acting Bactericide &






Effective in a Wide Range of


Industrial Disinfection Applications









DirectionsFor Use:




To Disinfect:



Spray to the effected area and must remain wet for 3 minutes




To Sanitize:



Spray to surfaces and remain wet for 10 seconds then allow to air dry.



* Rinse toys and food contact surfaces with potable water after use
















Veterinary Establishments








Milking Parlors




Poultry Hatcheries




Food Processing Plants








Pasteurizes in canned food and






Yogurt Fermentation




Air- conditioning units




Cheese moulds




Beer glass cleaner