Bestlab Disinfectant Solution and Sanitizer 1 Gallon
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Bestlab Disinfectant Solution and Sanitizer for Home Cleaning

BestLab Pure Disinfectant Solution & Sanitizer (1 Gallon)

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BESTLAB Disinfectant Solution and Sanitizer (1 Gallon):

Our brand Bestlab contains Poly (Hexamethylene Biguanide) Hypochlorine 10% (PHMB) which is effective in a wide range of disinfection applications primarily as a solid surface disinfectant It has highly concentrated formula that can be diluted to 100 gallons

Our Source:

Our Active is registered product of
Poly (Hexamethylene Biguanide) Hypochloride 10%

  • It has been developed for the Food & Beverage segment with special emphasis on food service -- sanitizing food contact surfaces without need for water rinse


  • Fast speed of kill – actually effective at 30 seconds contact time (according to AOAC Germicidal and Detergent Sanitizer Method)

Uses & Benefits of Disinfectant Solution & Sanitizer (1 Gallon):

  • Broad spectrum, fast-acting bactericide and virucide

  • Retains activity in hard water and various types of soil

  • Stable and effective over wide pH range 1-11

  • Does not leave perceivable residues on treated surfaces

  • Potential for complementary formulation development with other actives
  • No development of organism tolerance and resistance

  • Low odour, VOC-free and AOX-free

Directions for Using Disinfectant Solution & Sanitizer:

Environmental Disinfectant (Surface and Equipment)

  • Add 100L of water for every 1L of Disinfectant

Aerial Disinfection

  • Add 50L of water for every 1L of Disinfectant

Foot Dip/Foot Bath

  • Add 33L of water for every 1L of Disinfectant