Workplace Hygiene Facts that Will Shock You

The Dirtiest Surfaces in the Workplace

It is very important to observe proper workplace hygiene to maintain the cleanliness of the office spaces and the health and safety of the employees. Now that the majority of workers have already returned to office, it is vital to remain conscious of keeping the surroundings clean. Having a clean workspace does not only protect you from sickness but it also gives you peace of mind and comfort while working.      


To start with, everybody at the office must strictly follow the most basic workplace hygiene practice. You have to wash and sanitize your hands thoroughly to avoid the virus from spreading within the workplace. However, there are some surprising office hygiene facts that you must be aware of to guard yourself and your colleagues against germs and viruses. Read on so you may know.  


The Dirtiest Surfaces in the Workplace


Maintaining a clean office is essential to a professional working environment. But do you know which areas in your workplace need special sanitary attention?     


1. Elevator Buttons

Countless people press the elevator buttons every day. The buttons have germs that could be transmitted to you through your fingers. Observe workplace hygiene by using your elbow instead of your fingers to select your floor or quickly wash your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer after pressing the button.


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2. Door Handles

Everyone touches door handles at the workplace. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds after touching them. This workplace hygiene can help stop the spread of germs. You can also request your cleaning staff to wipe down and sanitize the door handles frequently.


3. Kitchen Sponge

The kitchen sponge is a perfect breeding place for germs since it is wet and absorbent. New sponges will contain bacteria like salmonella and E. coli just within 3 weeks of using them. When different people use the sponge daily, they can transfer its germs to other parts of the workspace. Replace the sponge every 2 weeks.


4. Watercooler

Your office water dispensers are not safe since germs can get on the bottles during transport and delivery to your workplace. Various people touch the cooler to get their water several times daily. To avoid getting sick, you can bring your water from home or buy it in bottles.


5. Office Equipment

There are germs on the buttons of the fax machine, printer, copier, and other office equipment. Try practicing proper workplace hygiene by placing sanitizing wipes nearby to remind yourself and your co-workers after you use a machine.


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6. Restrooms

Restrooms are one of the most obvious areas that must be kept clean. Dirty toilets are a good breeding ground for germs like E. coli. This bacteria can be easily passed around the office if the employees do not follow basic workplace hygiene practices like properly washing and drying their hands. Getting your hands clean is also difficult because the faucet handles may be dirty. Use a paper towel when using  the faucet and when you flush the toilet.


Why You Must Maintain Good Office Hygiene


A clean and organized workspace is vital for any business. The benefits of having good workplace hygiene can affect the entire workforce and the office itself.


1. Healthier Employees.

Employees who are working in a cleaner office are less likely to get sick. Aside from their overall well-being, it also lessens their chances of being ill or absent which can affect their normal operations and productivity in the office.


2. Prevents the Transmission of Diseases.

Maintaining the workplace clean and safe for everyone reduces the risk of spreading diseases. This assures everyone that they can work safely without worrying about any transmission of diseases.


3. Lowers Workplace Injuries.

Having good workplace hygiene means there are less likely to have any spills or trip hazards that can cause employees or guests to suffer an accident. This ensures that employees are better protected from anything that can lead to workplace injuries

3. Peace of Mind.

Employees will have peace of mind if they are aware of the visible presence of cleaning staff and if there is a strict implementation of good workplace hygiene. Productivity is enhanced when office staff feel at peace knowing that they are safe every time they go to work because their employers prioritize their well-being by providing a clean workplace for them.


4. Good Company Image.

How your company looks directly reflects how you operate your business. A dirty environment can tarnish a workplace’s reputation. Nobody wants to transact a business in a messy office. You can attract potential clients and office staff with a well-maintained working space. So keep your surroundings clean and follow workplace hygiene. 


Office Hygiene Tips that You Should Follow


There is nothing more essential than keeping the office a safe space for everyone. Here are some hygiene tips that every workplace should know and practice daily to ensure that each employee is healthy and safe.


1. Always Stay Clean.

Employees must always sanitize their hands and clean their laptops and other office devices. They also have to keep their desks clutter-free. Practice workplace hygiene by keeping all equipment clean at all times. Provide the office space with hand sanitizer and alcohol not only on the working stations but at every entrance to the workplace and all bathrooms and dining areas.

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2. Let In the Fresh Air.

It is necessary to air out the workspaces. By turning the air conditioner on, you are just letting the bacteria stay around the office. Instead, turn off your ACs and open up the windows. This way, fresh air will come in and you are lowering the chance of someone getting sick.


3. Set Up a Garbage Disposal System.

Have a proper garbage disposal plan to make sure that all dirty and unwanted substances are eliminated. You can set up disposals near every employee’s desk. That way every employee can implement good workplace hygiene practices by getting rid of their clutters and throwing out garbage at designated places. This will not only avoid contamination but prevent the garbage from accumulating and creating bad odors.


4. Remind Employees of Proper Hygiene.

Employers need to remind some of their staff to take a shower and wash their hands before coming to work. There must be strict rules for workplace hygiene that every employee stepping into the office space must follow.


5. Take Extra Care for Restrooms.

Make sure that every restroom is clean and safe to use. Provide soaps, paper towels, and hand sanitizers inside the bathroom and replenish them immediately once they are gone.


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It is necessary to practice proper workplace hygiene to maintain a clean and safe office environment for you and your colleagues. There are many benefits to having good office hygiene that can affect both the employees and the office. There is nothing more important than keeping the workplace a safe space for all. By strictly following the hygiene tips inside the working spaces, you assure the good health and protection of everyone.  

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