Sanitation Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Safe All Year Round

Sanitation Tips to Effectively Clean Your Home

A well-sanitized home creates a safe haven where you can relax and be worry-free from the threat of acquiring illness-causing viruses. Regular cleaning is a must. However, your efforts may not be that effective especially if you’ll be doing it the wrong way.

Make your effort count! Here are some of the effective sanitation tips to keep your home clean and safe, all-year-round!

Sanitation Tips to Effectively Clean Your Home 

When doing the laundry

  • Water should be set at the most appropriate warmth. Items must be dried completely once done.
  • Laundry baskets should be disinfected too.  This could be a source of contamination too so make sure to disinfect hampers and baskets based on recommended guidelines.
  • Ensure safe handling. Since you’ll be handling used or soiled items, make sure to wash your hands after getting in contact with dirty clothes. Use soap and water and observe proper handwashing to eliminate bacteria or viruses.

Note: While it is safe to mix the clothes of a sick person with those used by others, you might consider doing the laundry separately for precaution. If not, wear gloves and a mask when handling laundry.

When cleaning soft surfaces (linen, carpets, rugs)

  • Wash the items. Launder soft surfaces in warm water. Dry completely.
  • Use soap and water when cleaning. You can also use cleaning products that are recommended for this type of surface. or with cleaners made for use on these surfaces.
  • Vacuum the surface. Vacuuming is an effective way to contain dust and particles and prevent them from spreading. 

When sanitizing electronic items

  • Make cleaning swift and easy. Use a wipeable cover on electronics or gadgets that you can easily sanitize or dispose of when cleaning/
  • Follow manufacturer advice. Electronics and other gadgets have specific cleaning guidelines. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to keep them from getting damaged.

When disinfecting high-touch surfaces

  • Identify high-touch surfaces. While homes may differ in some ways, some of the most common high-touch surfaces that you need to disinfect include switches, door handles, handrails, tables, chairs, faucets, kitchen countertops, remote controls, keyboards, and the likes.
  • Disinfect regularly. Daily disinfection would be ideal especially for surfaces that are often used in your home. You also have to disinfect when there are people who visited your home. This way, you can lower the risk of infection.
  • Prevent contamination. Inform your household members to ensure that their hands are clean all the time especially when returning from outside. Dirty hands will only cause cross-contamination and may spread viruses.

TIP: Install an automatic alcohol dispenser at entryways. Fill it with at least 70% isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol to impose the habit of sanitizing hands before entering your home.

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What to use to clean and disinfect

Soap and water are usually effective in cleaning dirty surfaces. However, during these challenging times, you may need tougher products that are meant to kill germs and viruses.

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