Essential Facts to Know About Laundry Pods

You must have already heard about laundry pods. This is the new laundry essential that seems to grow in popularity in recent years. The hype for laundry pods has reached the Philippines. While you may already know a few facts about it, there’s still a lot to learn about this product.

Should you switch to laundry pods? What’s so special about them? To answer some of your questions, this article shares some of the essential facts you need to know about laundry pods.

Basic Facts to Know About Laundry Pods

What are Laundry Pods?

To begin, you should know what laundry pods are. These are single-use detergent capsules that are designed to be put directly into a washing machine when you do your laundry. It is water soluble and releases the detergent during the wash cycle to clean clothes.

Are there benefits from using laundry pods?

Laundry pods gained popularity for a reason. There are many benefits to using them.

Easy to Use

There’s nothing scientific or technical in using laundry pods. It is a straightforward process. Just put the laundry pod in the washing machine together with the laundry and turn the appliance as usual. 

Convenient Measurement

Laundry pods are in capsule form. You don’t have to worry about using too much or too little as they already come in pre-measured amounts. 


Another advantage of its capsule packaging is the reduced risk of spills or messes common in liquid detergent.


As laundry pods are compact, they are easier to bring. Basically, you can bring them wherever you go. Just put a few pieces in your bag and you’ll get the laundry essential you need without any hassle.


Unlike liquid and bar detergent that use plastic packaging, laundry pods reduce waste. They come in dissolvable, biodegradable packaging. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint when using them.

How to Make the Most of Laundry Pods

  • Store laundry pods in a cool dry place. Ensure that the packaging is sealed.
  • Keep them away from pets and children for safety.
  • Prevent laundry damage by reading clothing labels. Delicate fabrics have special cleaning instructions and may require alternative washing methods.
  • Do not overload the washing machine. This will affect water circulation and detergent distribution.
  • Use additional laundry products for clothes with hard to remove stains.

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Doing the laundry used to be time-consuming and exhausting. But thanks to innovations, laundry essentials are now available to make laundy a convenient and speedy process. Laundry pods are a game changer and with the benefits that come with these cleaning capsules, they are really worth a try.

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